Over the past few years I really started to like riding my bike. Preferably uphill somewhere in the south of Europe or fast over the dikes around Amsterdam. To non-bikers it’s hard to explain what’s there to like. The sport has been tainted so much, nobody takes it seriously anymore, and some co-amateurs abuse the road (and the people on it) so bad that you almost want to ride around with a ‘Sorry’ sign around your neck.

Thank god for the British brand Rapha. Besides making nice (but quite expensive) gear they support the heroic/romantic side of cycling. It results in beautiful films like this one (which is my favourite) that try to explain what’s cool about riding around. Besides that it also shows just how beautiful *and big) the US is.

It inspired me to sometime soon take on the 220 kilometers between Amsterdam and my town of birth in the south of Holland in a day. Just for the love of riding.

Rapha Continental – The Movie from RAPHA on Vimeo.

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