It’s time for my next trip. Tuesday i’ll leave for Saint Jean de Maurienne in the French Alps. I’ll encounter Madelaine, Croix de Fer and some other pleasant mountains… wish me luck! Until that time i’ll hook you up with some links you’ll enjoy. In true old school style we’ll kick off with a online racing game.

Daniƫl (one of my fellow Team Roadkill Pro Cycling Unit members) pointed me in the direction of New York. Not for real, but virtual .. unfortunatly.

Since a few months I started working for the Dutch Air Traffic Controllers. So I’m always looking for sites that tell me what’s going on in the sky… I really dig this one.

Last weekend I watched some movies including ‘Sunshine Cleaning’ and ‘Valkyrie’… but the one I’m really looking forward to is this one which has my personal hero in it… I think…

Ex-collegue Ronnie posted this one already, but it’s really nice to see the White House opening up like this on Flickr. Last but not leasst for this post… a bunch of german’s who really knwo how to make some slick looking trailers, like they did for the OFFF festival… enjoy!

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