After a very happy birthday (almost a month ago by now), it’s time to get used to the pressure of posting on the vms. Just to make everybody who joined me at Struyk feel a little better, i decided to make this post a very link-filled one…. sit back, and relax.
Cake is nice, especially when they make delicious work like this! After having a chilled look around it’s time to join every boys’ favorite pasttime… racecarracing… old school style. Also a bit masculine maybe, some brilliant pictures from people you might recognize from somewhere else.

Kudo’s for this guy who takes his love for a particular brand of mouthrefreshers to a whole other level by taking it to the street…

Also cool, and very dutch: this illustrator with a knack for very nice flyers. Need to check quickly what font is best suited for that particular client/project? I’ve got just the site for you.. flip it! Another cool project from last year: your own annual report… nice idea, brilliant execution. Last but not least some quick eyecandy links: LUST, ONESIZE, and the coolest godzilla movie ever made… in Holland

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