Why do we make new years resolutions? And why don’t we make ‘m more often if we seem to need ‘m? Mine are actually quite simple this year: more posts! As you can see in de x-maz edition i gathered some links in big post. Today i’ll do the same before i’ll take off to Roma for my nova et antica.

Let’s talk politics

A few post back i blogged a top ten of concert visuals, these guys have been in the top ten for a few years now, respect! Staying on a political correct collision course: check out zeitgeist II, the addendum. I know it’s not right all the time, but it’s stil interesting as food for thought after your X-mas dinner. You liked that? Then i’ve got more for you: some nice info on the hobby of our Queen, and a dutch (aka somewhat cheesy) video on your online privacy, and last but not least a campaign from germany about the same issue.

Back to Business

I always try to mix the smart woth the stupid, the cool with the daft, and i found the pinaccle of the mix in this iPhone. Also so very kool is this site about one of my favorite art forms, and it’s german too! German-sounding but actually from the A-town is this great graphic designer. Anyone know the guy? I also really dig this guy, he did a great series of retro-graphics last year that looked great on the iTouch. Need some help doin’ some designs yereself? Look no further than this great site and save yourself a lot of time.

Wrap up

This time of the year stands for best-of-lists and looking ahead and back. So why shouldn’t i join in. Here is a list with the 20 best flash sites ever (agree on most of them), here’s a lool at the very early babysteps of the VMS as you know it (yeah, it’s still online after three years of total neglect…) and how about this girl, who really isn’t a girl (or is she?? ;-) ) for looking ahead? See you all in 2009! Ciao.

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