In The Netherlands no christmas is complete without a new record in pin-payements… so i decided to skip the pin and go into hybernation-mode. Chillin’ out at the crib and taking it muy tranquilo.. It gave me the time to cook up something special for you all. The big x-maz 2008 link buffet… share that wealth!

Arty Faves

This site kicks this buffet off… black belt style! One of my fav’s this year is this place that shows us where we’re all going with our bigcity lifestyle… almost makes me want to move… Time to share some art with you. How about your very own Andreas Gursky on that empty wall in 2009? Sounds good, then check it out here. Not quite on Andreas level but also nice decoration: Arkitip. Last: Art Made in China… don’t like everything but something!

Flash Faves

Ok, on to the flashy stuff. Forget about flash-flipping pages, just click ‘n drag iPhone style. Or how about a wall of flash? How cool is that? And what do you get when you combine A-grade animations with the lush of flash? Right a site about milk. Ron also pointed this one to me out: The Future of Lacoste… nice!

Some Faves

Although i’ve actually never been there, i think that Japan is the most crisp country in the world. Maybe it has to do with sites like these. Also crisp, but not from Japan, some dope tees, for everyone who’s bored with threadless. Last but not least: every new macbooks most favorite bag. Just happened that i haven’t got one yet and my birthday is in abut 2 weeks….mmmm.

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