This week we have 2 guest-posters. Rob & Erik share their links with us… let their example shine bright on you!

Rob started working @ petr van blokland a few months back, so he’s really into the twilight zone between design and programming.. hence this very cool link! Ofcourse the VMS is not the only place where creatives can feed.. check out manystuff. Rob’s last link is one for the typo-bunnies here. Forget about expensive applications to build a font… just go online and do it for free!

Our second guest poster is SEK. A graphic designer i collaborated with on Designdotnl (an we still are). He’s the perfect guest-poster as his humoristic side takes over completely when sharing his bookmarks. First off enjoy men who look like kenny rogers. A little NSFW the classic commercial that shows there are many ways to grab guys attention. To show that he’s not only into bearded men and parachuting playmates Erik shares his favorite website about kerning… you know… kerning

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