Today it's official, we're with 7 billion. I am not to sure if we should celebrate or brace ourselves for the future... Still it's funny how you sometimes can feel quite lonely, even if we are with so many... but ...Read More

This coming weekend it's time for one of those worldwide events no one can really explain... worldwide? Almost! Not every country (or state) joins in on the Daylight Savings Time happening. For me it's difficult enough to remember in what ...Read More

While visiting NYC, I made a stop at Zucotti park and Occupy Wall Street. As far as direct influence I think the movements' influence will be limited... but as a catalyst to spread the message of the 99% it may ...Read More

After four weeks of burgers, beers and a bear it's time to pick up the sharing of the best of the web here on the VMS. Expect some USA-tinted posts these next weeks, like this one. A fabulous trip down ...Read More