Game Geeks know what Portal is about. I have to admit I haven't actually played the classic yet, but it's obviously about portals you can create yourself. What I do like is this short film that was inspired by the ...Read More

Ok Go has a well earned name when it comes to using the interweb as an effective stage for their videos. Fuck MTV and their ego's, we'll make sure our videos are soooo much fun everyone will watch them online... ...Read More

What do you get when you mix two of my favourite things? Exactly a cool clip where rolls of Duct Tape are used as lightcycles from the movie Tron... boomcool! Read More

Last weekend was that time of the year again... 55.000 people invaded Biddinghuizen and partied if possible for 24hrs. non stop. Besides taking gross and stupid pictures of my friends I also shot some folks I just ran into... almost ...Read More

In about 1,5 month I'm finally going State-side for the very first time in my life. Can't really wait but will have to... We'll hit Cali for 3 weeks and then it's off to the Big One. Now I got ...Read More

Was it the Arctic Monkeys? Was it the last episode of Top Gear? Was it the stock markets, the start of the soccer season, the price of gold? Sociologist will have a field day trying to explain what's happening in ...Read More

I would love to see these guys @ lowlands, although they should loose their too-cool-too stand still DJ poses. Let's hear it for C2C the four times World Champion DJ team. Read More

Maybe because I'm working on a pitch for the Dutch Army, but somehow I get these nationalistic feelings ;-). And those lead the the utmost respect for this man. E. van der Sar. What a goalie! Enjoy the compilation of ...Read More

I'm not quite sure why, but I really do like Terry Richardson and his slightly filthy work. I love that he made his shirt, his thumbs up pose and his glasses part of his public image. Now I found out ...Read More

Somethings were just better in the past, wether you like it or not... Take those classic sci-f flicks whit home made backgrounds and costumes that didn't came out of a CGI render machine, but out of someones kitchen! This site ...Read More