So I like my sneakers. Some people might call me Imelda Marcos, but in my opinion I'm just another average shoe-nut. I try to limit my brands to adidas and nike, but somehow I'm dwarfed by this geezer in the ...Read More

As we speak (or you read this), history is in the making... well it always is, isn't it...? Anyway, since his introduction the Old Spice Guys has been a huge hit on the web. After a while other ├╝ber-alpha-males started ...Read More

I've never been much into LARP, actually I've never done it so I can't really comment on it. But I do know that I'm looking forward to this EPIC movie about HEROES who go to the EDGE of our know ...Read More

Skittles will never be my favourite candy... and somehow I'm curious exactly how long this specific commercial will stay online. No matter what happens, Skittles shows the world they've got cojones! Skittles - "Newlyweds" - Dir. Cousins [ORIGINAL LINK] from ...Read More

Not too much to add to this post... what do you get when you mix a classic Beastie Boys track with the legendary Sesame Street characters? Exactly! An Epic video (almost as brilliant as this newest BB clip) that is ...Read More

This isn't the first post about the f*kking weather. It doesn't look like it's getting any better anytime soon... so let's try to make the best of it without nagging. So although I'm a Coke-man all the way (preferably cold ...Read More

It's supposed to be the middle of summer today, but I guess Mother nature has a different plan. Hopefully we won't experience the kind of serious mayhem they got in Joplin USA. Remember a tornado ripping through there...? Well this ...Read More

The end of an era is upon us. The last Space Shuttle is flying over us right now. The workhorse of space is up for retirement. I'll always remember the shuttle for it's heroism. Of course there were accidents, but ...Read More

Trilogies rarely mean good news. Even the Godfather went sour after 2 parts. So what would you expect from Star Wars, Transformers or... the Matrix? Exactly! The third part always sucks, especially when you put it up against the original. ...Read More