When cycling to work today I realized that sport makes sexy. Taking care of your booty and being competitive are turn-ons ... well that's my opinion anyway. So you can imagine I kinda got pretty happy with this gang of ...Read More

It's a shirt week work-wise this week. Only 3 days to work/post. So let's get started and try to pump out as many posts as possible... one way to do that is to jusy post lightning-quick clips like this one... ...Read More

Over the past few years I really started to like riding my bike. Preferably uphill somewhere in the south of Europe or fast over the dikes around Amsterdam. To non-bikers it's hard to explain what's there to like. The sport ...Read More

Inspired by Upload Cinema I decided that I actually do like these YouTube compilations. Where the 'fail' collection is about painful encounters (which I had myself this week), the 'winning' compilation is about blink and you'll miss it pieces of ...Read More

Back in the '80s en '90s football violence was weekly news. At the heyday of hooliganism their didn't even need to be a match on for 'fans' to beat each other up somewhere in a field. In Japan they invented ...Read More

While growing up, one of my heroes was TinTin (or Kuifje as he's known in Dutch speaking countries). His all or nothing attitude, the smoking, drinking and cursing captain, the exotic locations, they all added up to the feeling of ...Read More

In the US everything is bigger, while in Japan everything is smaller... not only the gadgets, cars, homes and people themselves... even their pro-wrestelers are a different size (and age). Check out this 9 year old wiping the floor with ...Read More

Daft Punk keeps hitting the VMS. After the fan video for one of their Tron tracks, this time it's an all student orchestra pumping out harder, faster, better... Not much too add than keep it up for the Irish Trinity ...Read More

Kudos to the guys and girls from Shop Around. They found a supersmart way to pimp that butt-ugly Ikea table that's been hanging around your house into some Wallpaper-worthy design furniture. How you ask? Well it's as simple as it's ...Read More

Reposting this 'New Work' post, because it's brilliant. Jerry Seinfeld has been doing stand up comedy for some 30 years now, and you can imagine that's quite some video archive. Now his personal best scenes are collected on this website, ...Read More