I'm not sure what the movie really is about... But I do know I'll probably like the soundtrack (by the Chemical Brothers) and that I do already like the site... So check out Hanna Read More

After watching a great documentary on the life (and death) of Gilles Villeneuve I kind of felt melancholic. I'm not saying everything was better back in the days, but somehow the drivers back then were a lot more manly than ...Read More

Nike had some trouble in the late 90's when it became clear that the company didn't have complete control over their chain of manufacturing. But as Apple today, they were never really damaged by the news. Nowadays companies acknowledge the ...Read More

Growing up in the 80's & 90's meant wearing the wrong trousers, having goofy hair and listening to mostly very depressed singers. Of course there we glorious days as well. Like that day in May in 1993. A young band ...Read More

Maybe you've spotted this one already, but it's still a very good executed idea. Daniƫl mailed it to me yesterday so I thought let's share this beauty. To make something similar you'll need a Nikon D90, a lot of time ...Read More

How he does it don't know, but Calango finds the time to feed young Dax, work on nice projects with Fabrique for SNS Reaal, paint his new place AND share some cool finds with us. So let's call him super-daddy-designer ...Read More

Forget all those fake players who show off their crib and whips on MTV. There's only one original player. Mr. Hugh Hefner Himself... check out how he rolled back in the days... Kudos! Read More

One of the most recognizable game-characters has been brought to life on several occasions now. But none of them can touch this trailer made for the SXSW festival (currently on in Austin, Texas). You'll probably need some General-Mario-Knowledge to really ...Read More

Although I still feel uncomfortable posting stuff on the VMS with Japan in the back of my mind, I decided to keep on going sharing my favorite finds. I'm still looking for a way to actually contribute in some way ...Read More

As everyone else I'm deeply shocked by the events in Japan. The scale of the destruction combined with the very emotional personal experiences make this disaster so scary. Also different is the amount of footage and information about the events... ...Read More