I'm not to sure if the sun is really out there somewhere today.. it's a gloomy & grey day today in the capital of the lowlands... No color in sight so let us brighten up this day with some homemade ...Read More

Uniqlo is kind of a regular VMS client. Their mix of minimal design and next level technology always combine to some refreshing results. Just type uniqlo in the 'Find' field on the homepage and you'll see what they've been up ...Read More

Over here in Holland we're not very lucky with our presidents. The last one looked like Harry Potter and is making a shitload of money right now whilst he couldn't stop talking about moral values when he was in charge. ...Read More

If you think Thom York looks kool dancing his best Beyonce... check out this super slow mo super phantom dunk. I never made it above the rim, so maybe it's just me, but I think it looks sick! Read More

NBA fans will have watched the All Star weekend and saw Kobe Bryant (from the L.A. Lakers) beat the Eastern Conference team. Besides being a great b-baller, Kobe is looking into a acting career. So he teams up with Hollywood ...Read More

Last Friday Radiohead broke their 4 year silence with King of Limbs... slower, darker.... nicer... can't wait for the tour... Read More

I'm not a huge fan of Google. Their quest to digitize just about everything ever conceived or produced sounds a bit scary to me. Maybe it's just because I grew up in '80's and like movies like the Matrix.... But ...Read More

If you haven't heard of Han Hoogerbrugge you've missed out until now. His talent captures the essence of things like they really are... and the best thing is, Han is so productive that he does his magic on a daily ...Read More

As a creative sometimes the pressure can get to you to come up with something outrageous and refreshing... Especially when you watch a lot of movies (like I try to do), you can get a little bit intimidated by all ...Read More

Hello Ladies: there it is... the new old spice commercial 'nuff said! Read More