I hate the bus. There. Trains are just a little bit better, but public transport is just the worst. So I was kind of surprised to see myself watching this commercial about a bus company... I think I like it, ...Read More

Calango is at it again. After releasing Moshun in 2010 which got him his first 5 minutes of international fame, he kicks of 2011 with Dax & Typogami... This animated and customizable font (in after effects) is base on the ...Read More

I've been working in advertising for some years now and although I like to keep things clear and simple, I'm happy we're not in the business of telling the truth... It seems that my colleagues in Canada think different about ...Read More

Three posts in one day... a new VMS record... the last one is a timeless tune from the late King of Pop. His genius can't even be killed by two long haired dudes with cellos... Smooth Criminal will be stuck ...Read More

About a month ago I visited Premsela's Masters of Amateurism. It featured Dutch tattoo legend Henk Schiffmacher vs. British young gun Julia Pott. As tattoos are not my cup 'o tea, I'd like to point out that Julia is a ...Read More

Without knowing it, I was one of the few wiggers in the small town I grew up. Sporting Nike hi-tops, hanging around the only basketball hoop and loving Hip Hop. Eric B & Rakim, Public Enemy and some other old ...Read More

Erik Kessels serves up another brilliant collection of photographs in his 'In almost every picture' series. After a black Mercedes, a shooting lady it's time to meet this family dog who is above all, very black... so it might be ...Read More

Not sure why, but I'm feeling a bit cheesy today. So please stay with as I share this clip about a very sweet project from Volkwagen with you. The idea is simple: what if we used 'fun' to encourage people ...Read More

The art of insulting someone with a smile on your face... it should make a great book (if doesn't exist already..?). Because there are a few things better then telling someone off and being creative at it at the same ...Read More

I'm not sure what to think about this commercial. I can see where the idea meets the product, and I understand that this way of storytelling is quite popular... What do you think? Read More