I always loved that Chemical Brothers' video where the just filmed out of a train window and composed a landscape that was exactly in tune with the beats. While this clip might not be as synchronized as that one, it's ...Read More

Although I've never been to Japan, it's culture is quite appealing. Mix the latest high-tech with strong traditional beliefs and things will definitely end up screwed up (at least seen from out european pov). I must admit I do like ...Read More

A little more socio-political post today. One of the reasons I personally have to ignore my biological clock is this sense that there are quite enough people in the world already... And apparantly I'm not the only one.. Read More

The work of Roy Liechtenstein came to mind when I was watching this beautiful animated trailer for Paths of Hate by Damian Nenow and Platige. I also always likes stories about samouraïs, and those came to mind as well... So ...Read More

Mr. Tarantino is an inspiration for many creatives. His mix of macho muscles, brutal violence and obscure music works great for gangster movies, revenge movies and gay festivals.... Read More

New York is one of these places where you don't actually have to have been to know what is looks like. You've seen it in hundreds of movies and series already. But sit back to enjoy a trip through the ...Read More