Britons Massive Attack are not very well known for their light of heartness. Experiencing one of their performances is as overwhelming as it can be scary. Their use of visuals who kick their message into your head in combination with ...Read More

In these days of flash & html5, the mother of online animation is kicked in a dark & dusty corner way to fast. MoBro Daniƫl pointed out this beautiful minimalistic blog filled with picture perfect mini-movies with quotes from the ...Read More

I can't say I'm the biggest fan of Google's quest for online world domination but accidently it delivers some beautiful shots from all over the world. So head over to iconology (one of my favorite photography blogs) and enjoy the ...Read More

There's not too many agencies that won oscars as well as DA&D awards. The Mill is THE moving images company where all the big firms turn to when their film/clip/commercials has too be absolutely spot on. Enjoy (one of their ...Read More

The Six Flags theme park in New Orleans closed it's doors when Katrina was heading in the direction of the south coast of the US. Opening it back up again after the storm wasn't really high on the priority list... ...Read More

It's Children's stamps time again! This year some highly talented blokes made this very cool clip to take this Dutch institution to the online age. I really like the shapes that seem to appear and the general message... kudos to ...Read More

Usually I'm not into car-commercials at all. Happy families driving their SUV's along fanatastic looking ocean roads are not my cup-o-tea I guess. Luckily UK agency Fallon treat us on something a bit different... they zoom in on the people ...Read More