Apparently this week is 'Personal Favorite' week. After posting clips with Lemmy and LeBron, today it's Terry Richardsons' turn. Mr. Sleeze stars in this commercial for Wodka brand Belvedere. Although the commercial is not as full frontal as some of ...Read More

Last night LeBron James and the Miami Heat didn't have the best of starts to the new NBA season. They lost their opening game to my personal favorites the Boston Celtics by 80 to 88... So the the Heat star ...Read More

Personal Hero Lemmy from Motorhead should join Iggy Pop & Keith Richards to form an ultra-band in my opnion... but in the meantime I can kick back with Lemmy doing this beer commercial. Just go with the concept, kick back, ...Read More

Let the hype begin. The blair witch project with meets Facebook? I'm not to sure about this trailer, but is does it's job in making me a bit curious about the whole movie.. somewhere live in the beginning of december. ...Read More

I like Vimeo a lot more than YouTube, not in the last place because of their goal to stimulate creative filmmakers/animators. Compare that to the gazillionsth clip of a so called funny cat on YT. So thumbs up for the ...Read More

It's monday, the sun is out and the weekend was not too shabby at all... So let's keep the positive vibe going with a small clip from Sam O'Hare. You'll recognize the effect from photo's, but when you'll see it ...Read More

Bristol Hero Banksy isn't the most light-hearted person in the world. But his sharp eye means we look different at things that seem quite nice... like the Simpsons Family. I guess you never thought about the dark side of this ...Read More