Personally I'm not familiar with the Flash on the Beach festival but I know that I do like their opening titles by designer Nando Costa... science meets cinematography in a very beautiful and poetic way... It makes a grey day ...Read More

Not much to add to this one, you'll either get it and lol, or you won't and you'll waste 2 more minutes of this nice day... Money Money Money - "Gettin' Money With a Mouse and a Wacom Pen (Fuck ...Read More

This is a re-post from flabber, but it's just a too good of an example of online video goodness to miss. You know those clips where some incredible lucky bastard just misses a date with his maker by mere inches? ...Read More

Banksy is on a roll again. His auto-bio-docu 'Exit through the gift shop' went on DVD 2 days ago and Amsterdam will be treated on a preview (yes we're always a bit on the slow side over here in Holland) ...Read More