That Dieter Rams has a huge influence on designers today is no mystery. Apple's Jonathan Ive doesn't hide the influence of the German in his own work. Now I'm not to sure about the Ten Rules For Good Design as ...Read More

One of my long time favorite movies is about to be brought back to life. The 1982 original will be put through that most likely will be one of the most impressive CGI jobs of 2011 (it'll reach The Netherlands ...Read More

Most people might not have heard of Rapha before. It's a quite exclusive cyclingwear brand from the UK who produce some of the best looking jerseys. Their love for riding a bike is felt in every picture they use to ...Read More

The two weeks in the UK were quite nice. I even picked up a nice tan. Some people somewhere in Finland were also planning on having a nice day at the beach... until a small storm came rolling in. Read More