This weekend I'm off to the UK, time to let the beemer do some work. But I understand I can't just leave without posting something to keep you occupied. So enjoy this small promo for Stekkerfest by Douwe Dijkstra.. I'll ...Read More

A few posts back I predicted that the Mexican Gulf oil spill would become the largest environmental disaster ever, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to see the shit's getting out of control there. Besides people getting finally ...Read More

A few weeks back I spotted my first real-world Tesla! It snook up to me on the Amstelveenseweg. And boy within a split second I was in the 21st century as it was promised in all those Sci-Fi movies. Only ...Read More

Here's Old Spice commercial number Two. Another great one I have to add. And please take some time to notice the details and the one take, one kill technique...Nice! Read More