Only one man can make things completly clear for not one but two continents. Leave it to good old John Cleese to explain a thing or to about the only sport-event that counts until the 12th of July... Read More

Thanks to Daniƫl for pointing out this stunning (and very black) website. It's a perfect example of crowdsourcing done right. Take some time to view the video for this Johhny Cash track and if you're into it, try to get ...Read More

After loving the Nike one, and disliking the Adidas one (although it had all the right ingredients), it's time to think about how we feel about the Sony commercial for the 2010 World Cup. Personally I think it's a bit ...Read More

No I didn't become a scientist overnight. The title of this post just refers to a new Wieden & Kennedy (London) commercial which I just happen to like (though not as much as Nike's Write the Future commercial ofcourse). I ...Read More