The countdown hast started, the real battle is on. Forget Brazil, Argentina and Italy ... it's between Adidas and Nike...and Nike just scored a brilliant goal with the launch of their 'Write the Future' campaign. Besides an online presence it's ...Read More

The Mexican Gulf oilspill will go down in history as one of the worlds' worst disasters ever and probably the beginning of the end of Oil as we know it. What bothers me most is the lack of outrage about ...Read More

Besides Breda's festival that's on right now, don't miss this exhibition in The Hague. Ship of fools is a very nice gallery, and this expo about minimal design looks likes it could be a reason to visit the city by ...Read More

Most porn isn't known for it's great acting... although I couldn't see myself having sex in front of a whole camera crew, director, producer and so on... So in some way the acting is great, but on another level. Anyways, ...Read More