Erwin isn't a very active VMS-contributor, but when shows some sign of life, it usually worth it. After pointing me in the direction of the New Kids long before anyone heard about 'm, he wants to share this very nice ...Read More

People who know me, know that I like to travel around. As a lot of people I also like to take some pictures of the places I visit. Not like many people I also shoot Pick Up Trucks. Why? Good ...Read More

This thursday my own modest R1150R is up for it's annual maintenance. It's very comforting for any BMW rider that since the arrival of the S1000RR we don't only own very reliable machines, but also very fast reacting ones... Don't ...Read More

Back in the days of Martini and Gulf, racing cars looked not only cool to marketing managers, but also to the general public. As I grew up with a poster of Mr. Lauda on my bedroom wall, I've always been ...Read More

This one will be all over the web next few days. Thanks to Rob for pointing it out to me.. Not much to say about, besides that it is another great example of the power of execution. You've seen the ...Read More