If you was amazed like I was with the clip of the last post, then be prepared for the same shit... next level style. Neurosonics took their very nice idea to the stage last week in London (what the f*ck ...Read More

I'll come clean right away, ex-steamer Ronnie posted this on his blog as well... but it is such a kool clip that I can't help myself and just have to re-post it overhere. Except a nice idea, this movie proves ...Read More

According to my wordpress system, this is the 100th post on the vms in it's current shape & form. After a start-up periode on blogger, wordpress proved to be a stable home with enough toys to play with ;-). But ...Read More

It's almost time for the world's most overrated Holiday of the year. Yep this sunday it's V-day again. More and more brands jump on the hype-wagon and try to make some bucks through some tacky emotions. Luckily some brands understand ...Read More

Today I'm welcoming not 1 but 2 guests on the VMS. Long time reader and full time typographer Rob and part time photographer and full time inventor Daniel. They mailed me some links this week which I simply cannot keep ...Read More

Sorry, Dutch only for this one, it's our National Mental Coach getting very excited about this one time only publication of The San Fransisco Panorama, maybe the best looking paper in the world. Just sit back, take some time and ...Read More

This morning about every stretch of road in Holland was covered with snow... and that means that a whole country comes to a standstill. Now I think dutch drivers are the worst in world, they're pussies that hit the brakes ...Read More