Personally I've never understood birdwatchers. I spotted some last year in Spain, and to me it just felt kind of weird to sit all day in on place, all dressed up in camo-gear, just to check out different sorts of ...Read More

Okay, it's horribly American and mind-bending tacky, but i still love this GAP website where you can send some legendary, personalised web-cards.So if you get the wink link i did, check out these happy guys 'n gals from the U ...Read More

Two weeks ago we checked out Massive Attack in the Amsterdam Beerhall. Again they didn't disappoint, as a matter of fact, it was mindblowing... again! The visual layer they add to their dark sounds is a true plus. Add a ...Read More

Dj K-mart pointed out this nice new site that let's you collect and listen your own mixes and share them online. Not quite sure how this all works leaglly, but f*ck that anyways... so click through en kick back with ...Read More

Update: looks like we're almost there... uploading is restored, now i only have some lost pages to retrieve... Unfortunately Wordpress is playing some tricks on me. Version 2.8 proved to be a complete disaster (all the posts disappeared), so it's back ...Read More

I've posted some online musicmaking websites before, somehow i'm intrigued by the possiblities of creating beats/soundscapes without any theoretical knowledge of music (aka the ability to read musical notes). This one is quite minimalistic, but i still like the intuitive ...Read More