Of all the dutch people, the 'Brabanders' are without doubt the funniest. Forget about the 'Friezen' or 'Limburgers', just check out these guys from the true heartland of the Netherlands: Maaskantje. Thanks to Erwin (yeah he's from Groningen but he ...Read More

Sure, when you watch it now Seinfeld feels a bit out-dated, but the show had it's moments. I always really enjoyed the guy with the goofy hair as Kramer was known during the first few episodes. The guy was absolutely ...Read More

Japanese brand Uniqlo are a true example when it comes to commitment to the web. Somehow they always come out fresh and exciting. Their strength is the combination of video and interactivity, in my humble opinion the future of the ...Read More

Back in them days when I was still a young gun, loving Public Enemy, playing One on One on the C64, there was a basketball player that dwarfed the rest of the players. Legendary is just a small word for ...Read More