The last few weeks I've been quite busy with a nice project for Ernst & Young. As partner of the Dutch Olympic committee they visit the games with some talented students. To get these students to register and let them ...Read More

Photograpy is a strange thing. Millions of people take billions of pictures. Most will never make you look back for a second.. some will. What makes a good picture? Is it the concept, the color, the subject... I have to ...Read More

As the countdown to Lowlands nears it's final (mmm, it's still 2 weeks away), you usually start looking back at other gigs. Of course there were some legendary perfomances at Biddinghuizen (Arctic Monkey, White Stripes, Sigur Ros ... etc..) but ...Read More

Just another day at the office... at least that's what you thought it was going to be... but then everything went wrong... Colleagues start bugging you, the phone doesn't stop ringing... and to top it off the copier starts playing ...Read More