a few posts back i showed off some ambient visualization on buildings. After seeing anti-vjĀ  live in Breda I was really taken with the concept of integrating buildings with video animations. Today Daniel pointed me towards this new example of ...Read More

Now the Tour is nearing it's final few days, with the grande finale on saturday which i experienced first hand, it's time to put the spotlight on one of the few innovations this year in Le Tour.. the Chalkbot. You ...Read More

After the horrendous display yesterday where the riders acted like puppets on their bikes, it's time to bring back some glamour to Le Tour. Photographer brent humphreys followed the crazy scenes surrounding the race and used an old school trick ...Read More

Back in them days when I used to hang with the guys that sprayed walls down south, I thought that it was the coolest thing on earth. Nowadays I still enjoy a good piece, but the thrill seems to be ...Read More

july 20th marks the 40th birthday of the legendary Apollo mission. Millions watched a bunch of grainy images from thousands of kilometres away (or was it a Hollywood studio?). I found this tres cool website that let's you relive the ...Read More

Now everybody is gettin' a bit of MJ-tired it's time to look how we can save his poor family from bankruptcy. Last year part of his possesions were on auction, and boy do I wish I had some cash lying ...Read More

In my humble opinion the future of internet is TV. And vice versa. Within a few years both will come together in one hispeed, interactive couch hugging experience, using your iPhone's's touch-screen as a remote to navigate. Once in a ...Read More