The next few days, i'll be visiting a probably somewhat wet Scotland. So while the rest of the country is getting drunk and the Queen finally steps down, it's time to enjoy some beautifull outdoor HD projection-shit... enjoy and ...Read More

Disney is an acquired taste... I survived 3 whole days in one of their 'resorts' once and haven't been tempted to visit ever since. The company is widely known for it's animation films... who appear to be a little less ...Read More

During this VMS-marathon week (wich will be interrupted by the annual bata-event) i'll share the best of the rest with you. Steam-colleague Maarten pointed out this very kool and slick online music editor... Pharell watch your back.... kick that beat! Read More

Long time VMS-visitor Rob pointed out two great clips you just have to check (and i just had to post un threat of not receiving input anymore ;-)). So sit back and enjoy the sweet stuff from kliko! It's a ...Read More

After a short break colonials-style (curacao & bonaire) it's time to feed the vrijdagmiddagselectie with some fresh input. I'm going to try to post some new stuff i have lying around every day for the next week... just until the ...Read More