Spike Jonez is one of my personal heroes, when he teams up with UNKLE you just know that the result will be nothling less than brilliant... don't forget to click the HQ AND FULLSCREEN buttons! Read More

Another classic from Ricky Gervais. Leaving all fake emotional bullcrap by the side of the road, and hitting where it hurts... Even if you don't have the time.. just take 8 minutes to watch it through. Read More

The heading above this post is one for the dutchies. Yesterday around 3 o'clock i decided that I couldn't miss out on the concert of Q-tip in the Paradiso. The legendary front-mc of a tribe called quest rocked the house ...Read More

Ereaders will be the paper of the next decade... but one thing was the biggest challenge for inventors so far was to make a screen that would fit in your bag... rolled p like a regular newspaper... like this! Read More

Just after posting the last message I found this very nice youtubemoof... It's simple, it's clean. it's fun, it's sushitime with a video camera. Read More

This weekend i stumbled upon one of my favorite tracks of the late '80's early '90's... Back by dope demand by King Bee. Ofcourse after all those years the video kinda sucked (big time) but the tune was still fresh ...Read More