Just when you think commercials can't be funny anymore (because of boring companies with boring rules and even more people deciding what is kool or not...) this one comes along for the Ford SportKa. Instantly the little car doesn't look ...Read More

when you've got a funny name (like i do) you get used to explaining your name. I always make up a story about a french criminal who had to flee to Holland... but after seeing this trailer i think i ...Read More

Some shizzle in between to keep you entertained. Two posts for the font-o-lovers around here and one just because it's a slick and cool site to sell some t-shirts. So first off enjoy one of the quickest ways to see ...Read More

Last night Apple unwowed the world with the absence of anything new or important to the geeks. Just some dubious software updates and a long overdue 17" laptop (with Matte Screen option....woooooow). No question why Steve stayed at home, it's ...Read More