The VMS will be off for Spain the next month. So i have to leave you with a site to keep you occupied for some time then don't I? Thanks to Djordi to point out this newsreader that redefines news ...Read More

The countdown clock is ticking for John and Obama. Both held some speeches, accepted the nomination. Now it's interesting how their schoolyardfight will turn out. I really love this site that follows the world around the two candidates. Another nice ...Read More

The day has come that many of have feared... The day before yesterday one of the most influential man on earth passed away. No longer can we look towards one man to carry the burden of us all.. Don LaFontaine ...Read More

Now the dust settles around Beijing we can alreay look ahead towards London... hopefully some events will take place during nightime, 'cause boy does London look great at night! Read More