You might not have been aware of it, but last saturday history was written. Okay, it happened in New Zealand, so the news took some time before it hit the European shores... but still. So what happened? Well, since the ...Read More

Inspired by Upload Cinema I decided that I actually do like these YouTube compilations. Where the 'fail' collection is about painful encounters (which I had myself this week), the 'winning' compilation is about blink and you'll miss it pieces of ...Read More

Barack Obama's popularity was going down the drain, but man does this gut knows how to make a comeback. This weekend he roasted his 'opponent' D. Trump at the White House Correspondents Diner and this morning he came back with ...Read More

This is a bit unusual, the VMS has the strange habit not to be published in a friday, although it's named after the best day of the week (VrijdagMiddagSelectie). So I have to come up with something special today, and ...Read More

Around the time I was born (seventies-something) most people were more into peace & love instead of bits & bytes like we are today. In some 30 odd years technology changed the way we live, work, play and love. But ...Read More

If you don't have any plans yet for another great spring weekend, check out this 1960's all American family enjoying a nice swim with their pet anaconda. Not only do they share the same swimming pool, they go for al ...Read More

As a semi-active cyclist I'm very happy the season started at last after a long & cold winter (which was beautiful in it's on way when cycling through a snow covered forest). Last week's Ronde van Vlaanderen was exciting as ...Read More

The NCAA is the NBA's little brother. Colleges from all over the US battle it out to become NCAA champ, and of course they also have their own annual dunk contest. Now what do you do if you're only 1.77 ...Read More

After watching a great documentary on the life (and death) of Gilles Villeneuve I kind of felt melancholic. I'm not saying everything was better back in the days, but somehow the drivers back then were a lot more manly than ...Read More

Growing up in the 80's & 90's meant wearing the wrong trousers, having goofy hair and listening to mostly very depressed singers. Of course there we glorious days as well. Like that day in May in 1993. A young band ...Read More