One of my personal movie heroes is definitely Mr. Bruce Lee. I love the quirky characters he plays and of course am amazed by his awesome karate skills. This guy moves so fast, you have to watch the scenes back ...Read More

The fact that I didn't bother to watch this years' last grand prix illustrates (well, at least to me) the fact that this was a very boring F1 season. Growing up I remember watching guys like Lauda, Prost and of ...Read More

Today it's official, we're with 7 billion. I am not to sure if we should celebrate or brace ourselves for the future... Still it's funny how you sometimes can feel quite lonely, even if we are with so many... but ...Read More

While visiting NYC, I made a stop at Zucotti park and Occupy Wall Street. As far as direct influence I think the movements' influence will be limited... but as a catalyst to spread the message of the 99% it may ...Read More

Personally I loathe all the fancy Nespresso shit and stay true to my Gaggia Classic (even though I have to give it some more TLC now and then). Even star-actors like George and John can't make a great commercial it ...Read More

Game Geeks know what Portal is about. I have to admit I haven't actually played the classic yet, but it's obviously about portals you can create yourself. What I do like is this short film that was inspired by the ...Read More

Probably Calango (and Djordi: thanks for the retweet) already has seen this showreel a couple of times. The rest of you can enjoy this start of the week with some very nice visuals from The Mill, the place-to-go-to when you ...Read More

Annually the OFFF is the place where film & online meet. Personally I think it's the most interesting mash up of old school disciplines out there. Unfortunately I'm not going over to barça this year.... maybe just as well... if ...Read More

Ofcourse every era has its' heroes. In the early nineties Michael Jordan didn't only rule the USA, he ruled the world. Maybe it helped that I played hoops myself, but he was and still is an icon. Nowadays kids growing ...Read More

One of the reasons why I really, really liked Australia is the love of beer they have down under. In Holland the 'Dry' beers never really caught on. Why? I guess the power of Heineken is stronger than I think ...Read More