It's always fascinating watching a sure crash... especially when it's another human being/hero heading for total mayhem. That's why I'm certainly going to check out Lemmy... That's right, a feature movie about Ian Fraser Kilmister aka Lemmy from Motörhead... rock ...Read More

Forget Avatar and Catfish... one of the better movies of 2010 was definitly Machete.. now also available in ultra-brisk-story mode... Read More

2010 brought some cool new items to our digital life, think iPad, cloudcomputing, digital magazines, stuff like that. Within a few days in Vegas the CES kicks off and will show the way to go gadget-wise in 2011. With Facebook ...Read More

In these days of flash & html5, the mother of online animation is kicked in a dark & dusty corner way to fast. MoBro Daniël pointed out this beautiful minimalistic blog filled with picture perfect mini-movies with quotes from the ...Read More

Bristol Hero Banksy isn't the most light-hearted person in the world. But his sharp eye means we look different at things that seem quite nice... like the Simpsons Family. I guess you never thought about the dark side of this ...Read More

One of my long time favorite movies is about to be brought back to life. The 1982 original will be put through that most likely will be one of the most impressive CGI jobs of 2011 (it'll reach The Netherlands ...Read More

The two weeks in the UK were quite nice. I even picked up a nice tan. Some people somewhere in Finland were also planning on having a nice day at the beach... until a small storm came rolling in. Read More

Here's Old Spice commercial number Two. Another great one I have to add. And please take some time to notice the details and the one take, one kill technique...Nice! Read More

The countdown hast started, the real battle is on. Forget Brazil, Argentina and Italy ... it's between Adidas and Nike...and Nike just scored a brilliant goal with the launch of their 'Write the Future' campaign. Besides an online presence it's ...Read More

Most porn isn't known for it's great acting... although I couldn't see myself having sex in front of a whole camera crew, director, producer and so on... So in some way the acting is great, but on another level. Anyways, ...Read More