A good movie stays with you, a great movie becomes part of you. You can play out complete scenes, recall the best quotes and enjoy it over and over again without getting bored... And then there are those classics that ...Read More

It's a shirt week work-wise this week. Only 3 days to work/post. So let's get started and try to pump out as many posts as possible... one way to do that is to jusy post lightning-quick clips like this one... ...Read More

Daft Punk keeps hitting the VMS. After the fan video for one of their Tron tracks, this time it's an all student orchestra pumping out harder, faster, better... Not much too add than keep it up for the Irish Trinity ...Read More

Kudos to the guys and girls from Shop Around. They found a supersmart way to pimp that butt-ugly Ikea table that's been hanging around your house into some Wallpaper-worthy design furniture. How you ask? Well it's as simple as it's ...Read More

Reposting this 'New Work' post, because it's brilliant. Jerry Seinfeld has been doing stand up comedy for some 30 years now, and you can imagine that's quite some video archive. Now his personal best scenes are collected on this website, ...Read More

Old time heroes Beastie Boys are at it again. Last week their new album was launched and their first 'single' (somehow this concept just keeps on feeling older every day) is all over MTV right now. See how many celebs ...Read More

I'm not sure what the movie really is about... But I do know I'll probably like the soundtrack (by the Chemical Brothers) and that I do already like the site... So check out Hanna Read More

Uniqlo is kind of a regular VMS client. Their mix of minimal design and next level technology always combine to some refreshing results. Just type uniqlo in the 'Find' field on the homepage and you'll see what they've been up ...Read More

NBA fans will have watched the All Star weekend and saw Kobe Bryant (from the L.A. Lakers) beat the Eastern Conference team. Besides being a great b-baller, Kobe is looking into a acting career. So he teams up with Hollywood ...Read More

I'm not a huge fan of Google. Their quest to digitize just about everything ever conceived or produced sounds a bit scary to me. Maybe it's just because I grew up in '80's and like movies like the Matrix.... But ...Read More