Hadn't heard about this agency before, my bad I guess. Kinda like their work even though it is somewhat slick sometimes. So just for fun and inspiration, check out the B-reel-reel. Still wondering what B-reel is? This how they discrive ...Read More

Remember the first time you saw an iPhone or iPod in the wild? Think about that moment again after checking this short Samsung promo (not my favourite hardware brand I have to admit). Just imagine cool a flexible and actually ...Read More

My musical taste is somewhat erratic. My iPod holds Q-tip just as easily as Max Cavalera and Roni Size huddles with this band: Iron & WIne. They're in the same league as Fleet Foxes and other folk/indie/americana bands. So think ...Read More

More and more I see what the guys of Rammstein are actually trying to tell me (and you too!). Sure, they're germans, their shows are not an example of political correctness, but if you 'get' the irony than all their ...Read More

After spending a great week in the splendid Italian Alps it's time to countdown to the big one... You'll have to miss me for some weeks while I'm off to the USA. Ofcourse it's not polite to leave you, the ...Read More

Game Geeks know what Portal is about. I have to admit I haven't actually played the classic yet, but it's obviously about portals you can create yourself. What I do like is this short film that was inspired by the ...Read More

I would love to see these guys @ lowlands, although they should loose their too-cool-too stand still DJ poses. Let's hear it for C2C the four times World Champion DJ team. Read More

As we speak (or you read this), history is in the making... well it always is, isn't it...? Anyway, since his introduction the Old Spice Guys has been a huge hit on the web. After a while other ├╝ber-alpha-males started ...Read More

I've never been much into LARP, actually I've never done it so I can't really comment on it. But I do know that I'm looking forward to this EPIC movie about HEROES who go to the EDGE of our know ...Read More

Skittles will never be my favourite candy... and somehow I'm curious exactly how long this specific commercial will stay online. No matter what happens, Skittles shows the world they've got cojones! Skittles - "Newlyweds" - Dir. Cousins [ORIGINAL LINK] from ...Read More