Back in them days when I used to hang with the guys that sprayed walls down south, I thought that it was the coolest thing on earth. Nowadays I still enjoy a good piece, but the thrill seems to be ...Read More

It's time for my next trip. Tuesday i'll leave for Saint Jean de Maurienne in the French Alps. I'll encounter Madelaine, Croix de Fer and some other pleasant mountains... wish me luck! Until that time i'll hook you up with ...Read More

The next few days, i'll be visiting a probably somewhat wet Scotland. So while the rest of the country is getting drunk and the Queen finally steps down, it's time to enjoy some beautifull outdoor HD projection-shit... enjoy and ...Read More

check out this free, fully interactive, downloadable dutch design update by SEK + CCCC for designdotnl. The best way to get up to speed with who, what and why in Dutch Design. Including the highlights of 2008 and an ...Read More

Martin (colleague of mine @ steam) just came back from his trip to South America. He decided to make a streetart-album... cool! Another personal street art album (it's mine actually ;-)) is all yours on flickr! Read More