Ex-Steamers Reinier and Marlon went to germany to work for Jung von Matt. It's obvious they went to the right agency. Check out this online museum for obsolete objects they built... Awesome! Read More

I'm not sure what to think about this commercial. I can see where the idea meets the product, and I understand that this way of storytelling is quite popular... What do you think? Read More

Thanks to Daniël for pointing out this stunning (and very black) website. It's a perfect example of crowdsourcing done right. Take some time to view the video for this Johhny Cash track and if you're into it, try to get ...Read More

If you was amazed like I was with the clip of the last post, then be prepared for the same shit... next level style. Neurosonics took their very nice idea to the stage last week in London (what the f*ck ...Read More

Today I'm welcoming not 1 but 2 guests on the VMS. Long time reader and full time typographer Rob and part time photographer and full time inventor Daniel. They mailed me some links this week which I simply cannot keep ...Read More

Two weeks ago we checked out Massive Attack in the Amsterdam Beerhall. Again they didn't disappoint, as a matter of fact, it was mindblowing... again! The visual layer they add to their dark sounds is a true plus. Add a ...Read More

I've posted some online musicmaking websites before, somehow i'm intrigued by the possiblities of creating beats/soundscapes without any theoretical knowledge of music (aka the ability to read musical notes). This one is quite minimalistic, but i still like the intuitive ...Read More

Photograpy is a strange thing. Millions of people take billions of pictures. Most will never make you look back for a second.. some will. What makes a good picture? Is it the concept, the color, the subject... I have to ...Read More

a few posts back i showed off some ambient visualization on buildings. After seeing anti-vj  live in Breda I was really taken with the concept of integrating buildings with video animations. Today Daniel pointed me towards this new example of ...Read More

Now the Tour is nearing it's final few days, with the grande finale on saturday which i experienced first hand, it's time to put the spotlight on one of the few innovations this year in Le Tour.. the Chalkbot. You ...Read More