Our National pride and joy (well it was back in the 50's), Philips has been wandering all over the place when it comes to their market position. The company is just too big with too little vision at the top. ...Read More

It's been quite a while since I shared a website @ the VMS. Most posts have been about amazing clips or pretty pictures lately. And even though I'm not a huge fan of Robyn (or her music), I do really ...Read More

Japanese brand Uniqlo are a true example when it comes to commitment to the web. Somehow they always come out fresh and exciting. Their strength is the combination of video and interactivity, in my humble opinion the future of the ...Read More

Back in them days when I was still a young gun, loving Public Enemy, playing One on One on the C64, there was a basketball player that dwarfed the rest of the players. Legendary is just a small word for ...Read More

july 20th marks the 40th birthday of the legendary Apollo mission. Millions watched a bunch of grainy images from thousands of kilometres away (or was it a Hollywood studio?). I found this tres cool website that let's you relive the ...Read More

Why do we make new years resolutions? And why don't we make 'm more often if we seem to need 'm? Mine are actually quite simple this year: more posts! As you can see in de x-maz edition i gathered ...Read More

In The Netherlands no christmas is complete without a new record in pin-payements... so i decided to skip the pin and go into hybernation-mode. Chillin' out at the crib and taking it muy tranquilo.. It gave me the time to ...Read More

In de tijd dat de VMS even offline was stopt het link-hamsteren natuurlijk niet, bij deze mijn voorraadje links voor de komende dagen: Wederom een tip van Daniël om af te trappen, een lekker creatieve muur-animatie! Als rechtgeaard import-amsterdammer ben ik ...Read More