Personally I'm not familiar with the Flash on the Beach festival but I know that I do like their opening titles by designer Nando Costa... science meets cinematography in a very beautiful and poetic way... It makes a grey day ...Read More

That Dieter Rams has a huge influence on designers today is no mystery. Apple's Jonathan Ive doesn't hide the influence of the German in his own work. Now I'm not to sure about the Ten Rules For Good Design as ...Read More

Besides Breda's festival that's on right now, don't miss this exhibition in The Hague. Ship of fools is a very nice gallery, and this expo about minimal design looks likes it could be a reason to visit the city by ...Read More

Today I'm welcoming not 1 but 2 guests on the VMS. Long time reader and full time typographer Rob and part time photographer and full time inventor Daniel. They mailed me some links this week which I simply cannot keep ...Read More

Sorry, Dutch only for this one, it's our National Mental Coach getting very excited about this one time only publication of The San Fransisco Panorama, maybe the best looking paper in the world. Just sit back, take some time and ...Read More

About 80% of all design is of course rubbish and completely useless.. (i'll make some friends with that one), but sometimes you stumble upon an idea which is utterly brilliant and makes you senseless with envy. Just imagine waking up ...Read More

February 12th the Vancouver games kick into life. The greenest games ever will again capture the imagination of hundreds of nations. Us Dutchies will be following the man in tight pants (speedskaters), bobbers and my personal favorite Ms. Nicolien Sauerbreij. ...Read More

This is most likely my last post before heading down under.... it's not even my own... this one is all Dj's inspiration, but boy is it a nice one... I don't know exactly how long these guys spend making this ...Read More

Back in them days when I was still a young gun, loving Public Enemy, playing One on One on the C64, there was a basketball player that dwarfed the rest of the players. Legendary is just a small word for ...Read More

Unfortunatly I don't hang out at the Staalkade as much as I would want to, as the place keeps on brimming with creativity. I showcased WSBF's online webshop a few posts back... and now it's time for the brand new ...Read More