After loving the Nike one, and disliking the Adidas one (although it had all the right ingredients), it's time to think about how we feel about the Sony commercial for the 2010 World Cup. Personally I think it's a bit ...Read More

No I didn't become a scientist overnight. The title of this post just refers to a new Wieden & Kennedy (London) commercial which I just happen to like (though not as much as Nike's Write the Future commercial ofcourse). I ...Read More

The countdown hast started, the real battle is on. Forget Brazil, Argentina and Italy ... it's between Adidas and Nike...and Nike just scored a brilliant goal with the launch of their 'Write the Future' campaign. Besides an online presence it's ...Read More

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I love answers to questions you don't have.. Like the one that is answered in this very nice clip by Nike & Co. Or are you trying to tell me that you already knew where all the air in Nike's ...Read More

People who know me, know that I like to travel around. As a lot of people I also like to take some pictures of the places I visit. Not like many people I also shoot Pick Up Trucks. Why? Good ...Read More

Back in the days of Martini and Gulf, racing cars looked not only cool to marketing managers, but also to the general public. As I grew up with a poster of Mr. Lauda on my bedroom wall, I've always been ...Read More

I'll come clean right away, ex-steamer Ronnie posted this on his blog as well... but it is such a kool clip that I can't help myself and just have to re-post it overhere. Except a nice idea, this movie proves ...Read More

It's almost time for the world's most overrated Holiday of the year. Yep this sunday it's V-day again. More and more brands jump on the hype-wagon and try to make some bucks through some tacky emotions. Luckily some brands understand ...Read More

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