I'm not to sure if the sun is really out there somewhere today.. it's a gloomy & grey day today in the capital of the lowlands... No color in sight so let us brighten up this day with some homemade ...Read More

Hello Ladies: there it is... the new old spice commercial 'nuff said! Read More

Yes I wear spandex... there I said it! I do like the comfortable feel of it, it's ability to keep me cool, comfortable, as aerodynamic as possible and stupid-looking at the same time. I do have to add that I ...Read More

Calango is at it again. After releasing Moshun in 2010 which got him his first 5 minutes of international fame, he kicks of 2011 with Dax & Typogami... This animated and customizable font (in after effects) is base on the ...Read More

Without knowing it, I was one of the few wiggers in the small town I grew up. Sporting Nike hi-tops, hanging around the only basketball hoop and loving Hip Hop. Eric B & Rakim, Public Enemy and some other old ...Read More

New York is one of these places where you don't actually have to have been to know what is looks like. You've seen it in hundreds of movies and series already. But sit back to enjoy a trip through the ...Read More

I can't say I'm the biggest fan of Google's quest for online world domination but accidently it delivers some beautiful shots from all over the world. So head over to iconology (one of my favorite photography blogs) and enjoy the ...Read More

Not much to add to this one, you'll either get it and lol, or you won't and you'll waste 2 more minutes of this nice day... Money Money Money - "Gettin' Money With a Mouse and a Wacom Pen (Fuck ...Read More

Banksy is on a roll again. His auto-bio-docu 'Exit through the gift shop' went on DVD 2 days ago and Amsterdam will be treated on a preview (yes we're always a bit on the slow side over here in Holland) ...Read More

A few weeks back I spotted my first real-world Tesla! It snook up to me on the Amstelveenseweg. And boy within a split second I was in the 21st century as it was promised in all those Sci-Fi movies. Only ...Read More