As much as I do love my bikes (I'm up to five different ones by now), I would define myself as a casual bike-afficiendo. Some people are way worse than me in expressing their everlasting love for the two wheeled ...Read More

After a monster monday it's very nice to find a clip like this in your inbox...Wow... visiting Yosemite National Park was already one of the highlights of our trip to Cali last autumn, and this clip does the place complete ...Read More

Belgian graphic designer and movie lover Frederick Brobeck (studying at the KABK in The Hague) wasted some useful time on a very nice project. He translated movies into animated infographics. Each graphic shows the tone, tempo & length of movie... ...Read More

One of my new years resolutions is to take stuff a lot less seriously. So I really enjoyed kicking back and watching this great and very slow clip about a hairdresser that's been around for almost 60 years. Trimming customers ...Read More

okay, 2012 here we go... I only got 4 responses to my Facebook request about whether the VMS should stay or go, but the success rate was 100%. So for the 4 people who back me, here's one for you... ...Read More

Yep another one gone. 2011 was shocking and beautiful at the same time. One of my personal highlights was my trip to California. So I'd like to share this beautiful trailer with you on the last day of the year. ...Read More

The web is filled with beauty.. no really it is. Next to all the bullcrap on facebook, hyves and linkedin, there are people doing amazing stuff and filming captivating clips. Don't believe me? Just watch this on... the best of ...Read More

The ISS is the 11th manned spaceship we put in orbit around our planet, and it's been circling the globe for 11 years now. What the've been doing up there isn't all clear, but is is one of the most ...Read More

Seriously what's nicer to look at than some birds on a lake from scandinavia on a misty monday morning like this one? I guessed you'd say that. So this clip only misses that great Elbow song to complete the picture. ...Read More

That was the first question that popped into my head after watching this short clip with sounds from Amon Tobin. Now the Brazilian dude was never known for his easy or accessible projects, so this one fits right in. So ...Read More