Over here in Holland we're not very lucky with our presidents. The last one looked like Harry Potter and is making a shitload of money right now whilst he couldn't stop talking about moral values when he was in charge. ...Read More

As a creative sometimes the pressure can get to you to come up with something outrageous and refreshing... Especially when you watch a lot of movies (like I try to do), you can get a little bit intimidated by all ...Read More

I've been working in advertising for some years now and although I like to keep things clear and simple, I'm happy we're not in the business of telling the truth... It seems that my colleagues in Canada think different about ...Read More

Not sure why, but I'm feeling a bit cheesy today. So please stay with as I share this clip about a very sweet project from Volkwagen with you. The idea is simple: what if we used 'fun' to encourage people ...Read More

The art of insulting someone with a smile on your face... it should make a great book (if doesn't exist already..?). Because there are a few things better then telling someone off and being creative at it at the same ...Read More

It's been quite a while since I shared a website @ the VMS. Most posts have been about amazing clips or pretty pictures lately. And even though I'm not a huge fan of Robyn (or her music), I do really ...Read More

A little more socio-political post today. One of the reasons I personally have to ignore my biological clock is this sense that there are quite enough people in the world already... And apparantly I'm not the only one.. Read More

Mr. Tarantino is an inspiration for many creatives. His mix of macho muscles, brutal violence and obscure music works great for gangster movies, revenge movies and gay festivals.... Read More

Apparently this week is 'Personal Favorite' week. After posting clips with Lemmy and LeBron, today it's Terry Richardsons' turn. Mr. Sleeze stars in this commercial for Wodka brand Belvedere. Although the commercial is not as full frontal as some of ...Read More

Let the hype begin. The blair witch project with meets Facebook? I'm not to sure about this trailer, but is does it's job in making me a bit curious about the whole movie.. somewhere live in the beginning of december. ...Read More