Swearing helps. You know it, I know it. So this next clip is a perfect maybe NSFW way of letting of steam and telling everybody what you really feel inside... Of course there can only be one song that goes ...Read More

Yep another one gone. 2011 was shocking and beautiful at the same time. One of my personal highlights was my trip to California. So I'd like to share this beautiful trailer with you on the last day of the year. ...Read More

I haven't found out yet who did this website for Mercedes Benz, but the location is obviously Hong Kong. I love the Matrix and surreal feel the whole thing has. Hope you also enjoy this very cool online trip! Read More

Clay produced the interactive Periodic Table of Swearing for Modern Toss. It was built in their Hoxton Street studio during the summer holidays. It's constructed from over 100 buttons, CNC'ed and laser cut MDF, direct to media printing, over 100 ...Read More

This coming weekend it's time for one of those worldwide events no one can really explain... worldwide? Almost! Not every country (or state) joins in on the Daylight Savings Time happening. For me it's difficult enough to remember in what ...Read More

Maybe because I'm working on a pitch for the Dutch Army, but somehow I get these nationalistic feelings ;-). And those lead the the utmost respect for this man. E. van der Sar. What a goalie! Enjoy the compilation of ...Read More

This isn't the first post about the f*kking weather. It doesn't look like it's getting any better anytime soon... so let's try to make the best of it without nagging. So although I'm a Coke-man all the way (preferably cold ...Read More

It's supposed to be the middle of summer today, but I guess Mother nature has a different plan. Hopefully we won't experience the kind of serious mayhem they got in Joplin USA. Remember a tornado ripping through there...? Well this ...Read More

The whole cucumber-gate revealed that this place is overproducing by the day. If you ever wondered what's going on right now and what your role in it all is, than don't click on this link. It will tell you exactly ...Read More

Back in the '80s en '90s football violence was weekly news. At the heyday of hooliganism their didn't even need to be a match on for 'fans' to beat each other up somewhere in a field. In Japan they invented ...Read More